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Regal Chinese Restaurant.... 778760, (024)342222
786/1 11th. Lane,(behind Elf Station) OSU , Accra,

Cuisine: Chinese Cuisine Price Range: Medium (20,000 - 40,000) Neighborhood: Oxford St., OSU


Spiced Beef     9,000

Curled Trotter      9,000

Boiled Chicken in oil & ginger sauce      9,000

Spiced Chicken Gizzard      9,000

Spiced Smoked Fish      10,000

Shrimp in Shell (Oil fried)      10,000

Spicy Octopus     10,000

Lobster Salad      15,000

Mixed Cold Cuts (2 Asst.)      13,000

Mixed Cold Cuts (3 Asst.)      15,000

Pickled Vegetables     7,000

Condiment 3 asst.      6,000

Shredded Chicken with Groundnut paste      12,000


Fried Spring Roll (2 pcs.)      3,000

Fried Won Ton with Sweet & Sour Sauce      7,000

Shrimp Toast (20 min.)     10,000

Sesame Fish     10,000

Potato Chips      6,000

Prawn Crackers     6,000

Fried Chicken Wings (4 pcs)    8,000

Fried Chicken Thighs (2 pcs.)    9,000

Fried Chicken Ball with Spring Onion      10,000

Fried Prawn Cutlet     6,000

Special Fried Crispy Beef      10,000

Shrimps Pancake      9,000

Mashed Shrimps in Crispy Skin (4 pcs.)      9,000

Fried Black Mushroom with Honey Sauce      14,000

Golden Fried Baby Corn      9,000


Lobster Saute      15,000

Lobster in Shell with Ginger      15,000

Lobster in Shell with Chilli Sauce     15,000

Fried Lobster with Black Bean Sauce      15,000

Lobster in Curry Sauce      15,000

Lobster with Garlic Pepper Sauce     15,000

Lobster with Vegetables      15,000

Sweet and Sour Lobster     15,000

Lobster with Brown Chilli Sauce     15,000

Lobster with Cashew Nuts      15,000


Grilled Prawns in Shell      17,000

Grilled Prawns with Tomato Sauce     17,000

Prawns in Shell with Chilli Sauce      17,000

Prawns in Shell with Curry Sauce     17,000

Prawns with Black Bean Sauce     17,000

Shrimps Saute     15,000

Fried Gold Shrimps     9,000

Fried Shrimps with with Veg.     15,000

Shrimps in Chilli Sauce      15,000

Fried Shrimps with Scramble Eggs     15,000

Sweet and Sour Shrimps      15,000

Shrimps with Curry Sauce      15,000

Shrimps with Cashew Nuts     15,000

Shrimps in Brown Chilli Sauce      15,000

Shrimps in Garlic Pepper Sauce      15,000


Frog legs with Ginger and Green Onion      9,000

Frog legs with Black Sauce      9,000

Fried Frog legs      9,000

Frog legs with Chilli      9,000


Braised Fish in Soy Sauce      9,000

Sliced Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce     13,000

Sliced Fish Saute      13,000

Golden Fried Fish      9,000

Sliced Fish with Vegetables     13,000

Sliced Fish in Chinese Wine Sauce     13,000

Sliced Fish with Sweet Corn Sauce      13,000

Shredded Fish with Green Pepper & Onion      13,000

Sliced Fish Cutlet     13,000

Sliced Fish with Mushroom Cream Sauce      13,000

Sliced Fish with Brown Chilli Sauce      13,000

Sliced Fish in Garlic Pepper Saucee      13,000

Sliced Fish in Black Bean Sauce      13,000


Quick Fried Chicken in Papilotte     10,000

Braised Chicken Wings with Scallions     10,000

Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts     10,000

Fried Chicken in Black Bean Sauce     10,000

Fried Chicken in five Spices     9,000

Pineapple Chicken 9,000

Saute Chicken with Green Pepper & Onion      9,000

Chicken with Curry Sauce      9,000

Saute Chicken with Mushrooms      10,000

Chicken in Brown Chilli Sauce      9,000

Chicken in Garlic pepper Sauce      11,000

Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce      11,000

Diced Chicken with Veg.      9,000

Special Chinese Pepper Steak      12,000


Beef Bernaise in Papillotte      10,000

Mandarin Beef Steak     10,000

Shredded Beef Saute      9,000

Sliced Beef in Curry Sauce      9,000

Sliced Beef in Tomato Sauce      9,000

Sliced Beef in Oyster Sauce      9,000

Sliced Beef in Black Bean Sauce      9,000

Sliced Beef with Green Pepper and Onion      9,000

Sliced Beef with Mushroom and Bamboo shoots      10,000

Sliced Beef with Vegetables      9,000

Sliced Beef with Cucumber      9,000

Sliced Fillet Beef with Scallions      9,000

Special Chinese Pepper Beef Steak      12,000


Sliced Pork with Oyster Sauce      9,000

Fried Pork with Cashew Nuts      9,000

Fried Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce      9,000

Sliced Pork in Curry Sauce      9,000

Sliced Pork with Green Pepper & Onion      9,000

Shredded Pork with preserved Veg.      9,000

Barbecued Pork Chops      9,000

Sliced Pork in Black Bean Sauce      9,000

Sliced Pork with Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots      10,000

Sliced Pork with Vegetables      9,000

Special Chinese Pepper Pork Steak      12,000


Regal special Mixed Veg.      9,500

Chinese Cabbage with Black Mushroom      11,000

Lettuce with Oyster Sauce      9,500

Scrambled Egg wtih Spring Onion      9,500

Mixed Vegetables      9,500

Mixed Veg. with Curry Sauce      9,500


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