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Tandoor Indian Restaurant
786/1 Embassy Lane, Behind ELF Station, OSU, Accra.
Cuisine: Indian.
Seating: 40 persons
Take aways: Available
Catering: Available
Reservations: 778760  Fax: 779675
Credit Cards: VISA




Masala Pappadums    1,500
Fried Pappadums        1,500
Toasted Pappadums    1,500
Vegetarian Cutlets    6,000
Mashed Potatoes mixed with veggies & toasted on a Hot Plate

Punjabi Samosas    5,000
Crispy deep-fried patties with Potato fillings.

Vegetarian Frankies    6,000
Soft Indian Bread rolled with veggy fillings.

Bhajias    6,000
Fritters flavored with Onions and Coriander.

Aloo Masala Tikki    6,000
Potato Cutlets stuffed with Onions, Coriander & Green Peas.

Mutton Frankie    7,000
Soft Indian Bread rolled with Spicy Mutton filling

Chicken Frankie    7,000
Soft Indian Bread rolled with Spicy Chicken filling.

Shammi Kababs    7,000
Richly spiced minced lamb patties.

Keema Samosas    6,000
Crispy deep-fried fritters with minced lamb fillings.


Vegetarian Main Dishes

Palak Paneer    12,000
Cottage Cheese prepared in a Spinach Sauce.

Navratan Korma    12,000
A medley of Vegetables in Cream and Raisin.

Paneer Moghlai    12,000
Cottage cheese in a rich Moghul Sauce.

Malai Kofta    12,000
Mixed Veggie balls fried & cooked in a rich gravy.

Daal    12,000
Lentil dish.

Vindaloo Bhaji    12,000
Mixed Veggies prepared in a Moghul Sauce.

Dum Aloo Kashmiri    14,000
Stuffed Potatoes prepared in a Moghul Sauce.

Kabuli Channa Masala.    12,000
ChickPeas prepared in a Spicy Gravy.

Methi Aloo    14,000
Potatoes prepared with Fenugreek Leaves.

Tarkaari Kofta    12,000
Mixed Veg. Balls cooked in our rich Moghul Sauce.

Bombay Aloo    14,000
A dry, sesame cooked potato delicacy.

Egg Curry    12,000
Eggs cooked in a spicy Curry Sauce.

Khumb do piazza    14,000
Mushrooms stir-fried with Onions, Capsicum & Chilli.

Makhani Tarkari    12,000
A melange of selected Veggies simmered in a tomato butter sauce.

Aloo Saagh    14,000
Potatoes prepared with chopped Spinach.

Paneer Shashlik    20,000
Cottage cheese and mixed veggies served with rice or chips.


Chicken Delicacies

Devils Chicken    18,000
Chicken prepared in a very spice hot sauce.

Chicken Palak    18,000
Chicken cooked in a blend of Spinach.

Murg Tikka Masala    18,000
Chicken in a rich Moghul sauce flavored with fresh herbs and spices.

Karai Murg    18,000
A delicacy from North India prepared in rich spices.

Hot Madras Chicken Curry    18,000
A spicy curry from the south.

Chicken Makhanwalla    18,000
Chicken deliciously flavored with buttered sauce..

Balti Chicken.    18,000
A specialty of the Tandoor Restaurant.

Murg Lazeez    18,000
Minced Chicken cooked in a Moghul sauce.

Murg Haryali    18,000
Chicken cooked to perfection with chopped spinach.

Chicken Shashlik    22,000
Boneless chicken served with veggies and rice or chips.

Chicken Sizzler    22,000
Breast of chicken served with veggies, rice or chips.


Lamb Specialties

Karai Mutton    18,000
Mutton prepared in a rich gravy, and served in an traditional dish.

Mutton Vindaloo    18,000
Mutton prepared in a very spicy curry.

Lamb Keema Mutter    18,000
Minced lamb cooked with green peas.

Lamb Curry    18,000
Lamb cooked in a spice special curry sauce.

Nargisi Kofta Curry    18,000
Minced Lamb stuffed with cashew nuts & cooked in our special sauce.

Lamb Sizzler    22,000
Boneless pieces of Lamb served with Chips or Rice

Karai Beef    18,000
Beef prepared in a rich gravy, and served in an traditional dish.

Beef Vindaloo    18,000
Beef prepared in a very spicy curry.

Beef Curry    18,000
Beef cooked in a spice special curry sauce.

Beef Sizzler    22,000
Boneless pieces of Beef served with Chips or Rice


Sea Food Specialties

Machi Moghlai    18,000
Boneless fish prepared in a North Indian sauce.

Machi Tikka Masala    18,000
Boneless cubes of fish barbecued and cooked in a rich Moghul sauce.

Karai Masala Jhinga    30,000
King Prawns deliciously flavored and cooked with Indian spices.

Nawabi Jhinga Curry    30,000
Coriander flavored Prawn curry.

Shahi Jhinga Malai    30.000
Subtly spiced prawns cooked in coconut cream.

Goanese Fish    18,000
Cubes of fish cooked in an Goanese sauce.

Lobster Curry    30,000
Lobster cooked in an exotic South Indian Curry sauce.

Fish Sizzlers    22,000
Cubes of fish served with Vegetables and Rice or Chips.

Prawn Sizzlers    30,000
King Prawns served with rice or chips.


Tandoori Specialties (Highly recommended)

Chicken Tandoori    12,000
Legs of Chicken marinated in a special sauce & barbecued in the Tandoor (oven)

Chicken Tikka    14,000
Boneless pieces of Chicken marinated and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Peshawari Boti Kabab    14,000
Tender cubes of mutton marinated and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Sheekh Kabab    14,000
Juicy minced lamb barbecued in the Tandoor.

Tandoori Prawns    30,000
Marinated King sized prawns barbecued in the Tandoor.

Tandoori Lobsters    30,000
Marinated Lobsters barbecued in the Tandoor.

Paneer Tikka     14,000
Cottage cheese barbecued in the Tandoor.

Fish Tikka    14,000
Cubes of Fish barbecued in the Tandoor.

Mixed Tandoori Platter    30,000
A medley of Chicken Tikka, Sheekh Kabab, Boti Kabab & Prawms.

Pahari Kabab    20,000
Chicken marinated with Spinach & Green Herbs & barbecued in the Tandoor.

Reshmi Kabab    20,000
Chicken battered with spice and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Kerala Kabab    30,000
Chicken mixed with minced prawns & barbecued in the Tandoor.

Malai Kabab    25,000
Chicken marinated in a sweet sauce & barbecued in the Tandoor.

Malai Chop    25,000
The breast of a chicken marinated with sweet herbs & barbecued in the Tandoor.

Aachar Kabab    20,000
Chicken marinated with pickles and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Chicken Simla Kabab    20,000
A colorful presentation of chicken barbecued in the Tandoor.

Chilli Milli Kabab    20,000
A very spicy preparation of Chicken barbecued in the Tandoor.

Kasturi Chicken Kabab    20,000
Chicken marinated with fenugreek leaves and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Akbar Kabab    20,000
Minced chicken cooked in a special batter and barbecued in the Tandoor.

Mumtaz Kabab    25,000
Minced lamb rolled in the breast of the chicken & barbecued in the Tandoor.

Husna Kabab    20,000
Chicken blended with Ginger, garlic & special herbs & barbecued in the Tandoor.


Rice Dishes

Chicken Parda Biryani    14,000
Basmati rice cooked with chicken in a traditional sauce.

Mutton Biryani Hyderabadi    14,000
Basmati rice cooked with lamb in a traditional sauce.

Jhinga Pulao    20,000
Basmati Rice cooked with prawns and spices.

Fish Pulao    14,000
Cubes of cooked fish mixed with Basmati rice in a spiced sauce.

Veg. Kashmiri Pulao    10,500
Basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables.

Moghlai Biryani    10,500
Basmati Rice cooked with Veggies & cashew nuts.

Plain Rice    4,000

Basmati Rice    6,000


Tandoori Butter Naan    3,000
Tandoori plain Naan    3,000
Keema Naan    6,000
Cheese Naan    6,000
Garlic Naan    5,000
Paratha    3,000
Tandoori Roti    3,000
Tawa Roti (Chappati)    2,500
Roomali Roti    5,000


Gulab Jaamun    6,000
Pista Kulfi    8,000
Gaajar Halwa    6,000