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Bizzy Beez
4, 3rd. Norla St. North Labone Accra. Ph: 300569 Fax:
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Information: A quassi-Montessori program. Enrollment is on full time basis. Teacher Student ratio is about 8:1.

Merry Mary
5th Circular Ext., North Labone, Accra. Ph: 775408 Fax:
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 2.5 - 6 yrs.
Information: Children are divided into groups based on skill levels. There are four teachers and three assisstants.

Ecole Francais D'Accra
10 Onyasai Crescent, North Labone, Accra. Ph: 760526 Fax: 779976
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 3 - 14 yrs.
Information: This school offers the standard French system curriculum. Ages 11 - 14 receive instruction based on the CNED syllabus; this concludes with the equivalent of 'O' level exams. School year is from September to June.

Ghana International School
2nd Circular Rd., Cantonments, Accra.
Ph: 777163 Fax: 772642
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 3 - 19 yrs.
Information: Offers an International / British curriculum. The secondary school offers both GCE, 'O' and 'A' levels from the University of London Board. School year is from September to June.

Lincoln Community School
126/21 Dedeiba St., Ablenkpe, Accra. Ph: 774018 Fax: 774018
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 3 - 18 yrs.
Information: Based on the American educational system. College placements exams are offered. School year is from August to June.

R.M.S. Swiss School
Ring Rd. Central, Accra. Ph: 223522 Fax: 234252
E-mail:  Website: None Ages: 3 - 16 yrs.
Information: This School is recognized and subsidized by the Swiss Government. Offers Swiss curriculum. Classes are taught in German. School year is from September to June.

Information culled from the "no Worries" Book by the NAWA, Ghana.


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